Mogul Minded Group is an enterprise that focuses on social mobility, creative exploration, production, and recognizing positive achievements within the community.


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Mogul Minded Group provides services for young people, individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs from diverse & disadvantaged backgrounds. Our services range from networking events, publication, mentorship, media services, and more.

Our primary focus is positive representation, empowerment programmes for individuals and networking events for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our programmes and events aim to assist with the social mobility of young entrepreneurs, women in business, and diverse communities.

We launched a magazine designed to facilitate social mobility as part of the Mogul Minded Group venture. The link to the magazine is here:

Today more than ever, people are starting their businesses, with a significant rise in young BME entrepreneurs. Mogul Minded Group not only gives entrepreneurs the chance to network with their peers, but we also celebrate aspirational young people, successful individuals and business owners. MMG has partnered with many professional organizations that advise and support entrepreneurs on their journey from business start-up to business growth (via workshops and mentorship, pr, consultation, media content) plus more.

MMG supports individuals and businesses through various channels to assist, introduce, and showcase them to larger audiences and assist them in finding the support they need.