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Since 2015 the Mogul Minded Group has successfully held 8 events: 4 Queens Power Lunches – Empowerment & Networking Luncheon, The Mogul Minded Networking Banquet, The Mogul Minded Group Regional Awards 2016 & 2017, and the MMG Thank You #KickStart2017 event.




The Queens Power Lunch was created to professionally link entrepreneurs and successful businesswomen together. Within the Bristol area there are many women with the ideas, passion and drive to be successful but there was no event which specifically targets women from BME communities & disadvantaged backgrounds. It then became the mission of the Mogul Minded Group founder to bridge this gap.



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mogul minded networking banquet


Our aim is to give entrepreneurs within Bristol the chance to be embraced and empowered through motivational talks and networking sessions. We also provide the opportunity for one to one support where it is needed. The motivational talks are given by successful business men & women from Bristol and around the UK! These are businessmen and women who lead by example and whose advice is invaluable to new or aspiring entrepreneurs.






The Mogul Minded Networking Banquet 2016


The Mogul Minded Group has had a lot of interest from male entrepreneurs who wanted to attend the events so as promised our 3rd networking event was the first annual ‘Mogul Minded Networking Banquet’. The event was designed to give males the same opportunities to be empowered and network with like-minded individuals.



Mogul Minded Group Regional Awards 2016 (Part 1) 









Celebrating Our Creative Contributions! The Mogul Minded Group Regional Awards is a ceremony for which the results are voted on by the general public. Championing the very best of what the South West has to offer. This is a prestigious event which is a true reflection of our vibrant culturally mixed communities in the South West. Since it’s inception the ceremony has doubled in attendance numbers, and our public nomination and voting period has racked in an impressive 40,000 votes over the last 2 years.


Benefits of attending a Mogul Minded Group event – 

*Receive business advice and support

*Business to business relationship building

*Access to our in-house business specialists 

*Build your self-confidence

*Raise your professional business profile,

*Get more opportunities and make the right connections   

*Be motivated, inspired

*Opportunities to find a mentor (or become one)


Mogul Minded Group Event Results –

*All events were highly successful with amazing testimonials from those who attended        

*Many successful business relationships were formed at Mogul Minded Group events and continue to thrive today

*Some businesses saw an increase in their workflow and growth in their clientele after attending our events

 *A demand for Mogul Minded Group events to happen more frequently                      


Previous keynote speakers at Mogul Minded Group events were:

Councillor Asher Craig – Councillor, Management Consultant & Advocate

Christina Robino – BUD PR, Marketing, Business Development

Kalpna Woolf – Author of Spice Yourself Slim, Founder at 91 Ways To Build A Global City

Becky Walsh – Life Coach, Media Presenter, Author, and self-help Comedian 

Chris James (Made in Bristol TV Manager)

Amy Morse – Business Specialist & Author (Outset & The Sheridan & Blake Adventure Series)

Kevin Philemon (Founder / Director Ujima Radio CIC)

Sherrie Eugene (Producer & Television Broadcaster)
Pat Hart (Broadcaster & CEO of E-Com Media)

Michael Jenkins (8th Sense Media Director / Producer)
Michele Curtis (Director / Artist Iconic Black Bristolians)

Lua Diss Miss – Bristol clothes designer and DJ  (Dutty Girl Brand & Shop)

Jendayi Serwah – Business Consultant, Life Coach & (Noble Trading Associated LTD & UTreasure)

Lisa-Marie Carter – Professional Jewellery designer (NIKAO Jewels)

Christelle Pellecuer – Professional MUA, Event Management

Sandra Gordon – RISE Women & co-founder of the Rise Awards

Rebecca Louise Scott – University of Bristol Procurement Manager, 

Primrose Granville – Founder of the Carribean Expo & Radio Presenter


The Mogul Minded Group events are open for all to attend. If you are interested in being a keynote speaker or sponsoring any of our future events please get in touch via our contact page.