The UK’s Number One Business Supporting The New Age Entrepreneur.


Mogul Minded Group specializes in providing services for small businesses and entrepreneurs from diverse & disadvantaged backgrounds. Our services range from networking events, business reviews, tips & advice, business referrals, media services plus more.


Our empowerment and networking events for entrepreneurs and small businesses is our primary focus. We provide professional events where they can network with like-minded individuals.


Today more than ever people are starting their own businesses, with a big rise in young BME entrepreneurs. Mogul Minded Group not only gives entrepreneurs the chance to network with their peers but we also celebrate successful individuals and business owners. MMG has partnered with many professional organizations that advise and support entrepreneurs on their journey from business start-up to business growth (via workshops and mentoring/ business plan writing, securing loans or business funding) plus more. MMG aims to give a platform to the small businesses by showcasing/introducing them to larger audiences as well as assisting them in finding the support they need.