Kizzy Morrell’s Academy of Performing Arts is a voluntary organisation run by a family of singers, musicians, producers, engineers, agents, managers, record labels, recording studios, distribution and publishing companies. Kizzy & her team mentors, coaches & voluntarily help young talented artists by developing, confidence and self-esteem, including providing them with regular opportunities to showcase live.


The Studio 7 family take pride in developing young talent, who would not otherwise get a  chance to spread their wings. Studio 7’s ultimate goal is to develop, promote and provide a gateway into the music industry.


Studio 7’s Open Hours.

Advanced Vocal & Performance Sessions Age  13 – 25

Every  Tuesday 6pm – 9pm

Kings House Kings Square Bristol

Contact Studio 7:

Kizzy Morrell The Founder/Director – Tel 07535402339

 Victoria Tiley Operations Manager –

studio 7