Aiming High So The Youths Can Thrive.

With the continuous devastating cuts to the youth sector by almost 70%, invigorated Bristolians have decided to create a campaign to raise funds to assist ALL youth services across the City of Bristol for the next three years.

Introducing The 333 CAMPAIGN


The 333 Team has the highly aspirational aim to have 300 businesses in Bristol commit and pledge £3300.00 per year for three years. The money raised will go DIRECTLY to the 70+ youth services and support organisations across the City. 

To sign up as a business, please email or feel free to support and give a donation here.

This is not a moment. It’s a movement for the youth.

Can you help and support this campaign? We want the businesses to give £3300.00 per year for three years, or provide a donation to the 333 campaign and support this fantastic initiative? 

Without Investing In The Youth, There Is No Future.

“We will no longer downplay the importance of youth work in Bristol. We believe in our young people and will do all we can to support them. The youth sector has received devastating cuts, and the results continue to be heartbreaking.” – Founder Char Lawrence

What makes this fundraiser unique?

The 333 Campaign believes in being the change we wish to see, and together we can and will make a positive difference.

The 333 Campaigners are committed to making life easier for all youth sector workers. The funds raised will be distributed with one condition: They must spend the money on youth delivery and activities, and the young people must have a say in how it is spent.

“We are not here to make life more complicated. We are raising funds and handing them over to a well-respected all-female governance team. The governance team will distribute funds directly to the organisations on the ground in Bristol, who are doing fantastic life-changing work every day.” – C.Lawrence.

Calling All Bristol Businesses, let us unite to support the young people. Together we can be the change we want to see. 

Further Information

*Thanks to our Governance team members, we have a list consisting of up to 80 youth and family support services across Bristol. Our aim is for this list to be the recipients of the funds raised. 

*From previous research, we have decided that there will be no long drawn out application process with this fundraiser. 

*Once we see how much we raise, my governance team will decide who and how much they will receive and then distribute the funds on behalf of the 333 campaign. 

*After seeking financial advice, we will put the money into a new bank account. The money will be distributed by the governance team to recipients from there.  

The Criteria: Our one request is that the funds be spent on youth delivery, and not creating a new job position or covering core costs. Also the org/service/or group has to work with young people. It can be a playgroup or a youth/young people group based in Bristol.

To Find Out How You Can Support Bristol’s Youths Today Email