Friday 25th September 2015 was a day to remember in Bristol. The first online magazine dedicated to representing the views of women of colour has been successfully launched.

The event was packed with enthusiastic Gal-Dem supporters. The live performances by Poets Eno Rachel Mfon, Vanessa Kisuule, Jericho & Kassandra literally had the crowd emotionally entangled with their words and stories. The custom cocktails and goody bags went down a treat as the Gal-Dem team made sure that no one left the event empty handed. With the all female DJ ‘s spinning Hip Hop classics the night was definitely a success that many will remember for years to come. Check out the pictures below.

Photos From Gal Dem Facebook

Comprised of almost 50 women of colour the aim of Gal-Dem is to provide their take on the world to a wider audience. They want people of different shapes, sizes, sexes and ethnic backgrounds to engage with the work they are doing. Ethnic minorities are often under represented within the mainstream media, so these ladies are doing it for themselves.

Founded by Liv who was frustrated with the lack of diversity at her university, she wanted to reach out to women of colour like herself & because of this need Gal-Dem was born! The movement was so inspiring the team began to grow and now Gal-Dem have contributors from all walks of life.

Check out the magazine here: Gal-Dem.com