Last week we had the pleasure of speaking with Supreme #KOB. Check out part 2  of his interview where we continue to learn about the Boss behind the Brand.


5) Has the knowledge and experience you gained from being an artist in the industry made your job easier now that you are an artist manager? 


Continued. An artist has to be working on their craft consistently if they are not up to an acceptable level to me. They also have to be able to carry a whole song in their genre, that’s Verses, hooks & bridges because here at Wallstreet we create complete artists that can go out there and make their own strong mark without a feature, that’s what we do here.




6) How has the music industry changed since you entered into it?
The industry has changed a lot with the current use of the Internet and how artists/people are now perceived as valuable by what hype and buzz they can create, which now seems to be more important than the music itself which just means an artist has to be multifaceted to make it nowadays. I’ve had great artists that are stars to me but they didn’t want to use the World Wide Web as a tool to project themselves onto the planet as they should so, in the end, it won’t work. If I bring an amazing artist with no internet presence to a record label and say here it will be harder for them to get signed plus it demeans your worth to them so they can give you a shitty deal based on your interactions with the fans. It does make sense to be honest because these labels are not trying to take any losses nowadays.





7) You are known for being a very serious business man with many ventures under your belt. Was it hard transitioning from music into business?
No, it hasn’t been hard because no one ever gave me anything at all NEVER so I had to build my own studio for my artists to record in and monetize that. I had to buy all my own camera equipment to stop other people holding me for ransom and overcharging us and turning that Into an entity I could get my money back from while using it to service my label. I’ve had to make my own clothes to wear and to sell because like a lot of people out here I just can’t justify spending all this money in Selfridges on designers like I used to do. I created my own label so I could sign myself and others so we could be self-sufficient and not rely on no one. It’s very hard being your own boss and very risky but you can either win big or lose big by the work you put in. It’s up to you.





8) What advice do you have for aspiring musicians trying to get into the industry? 


Advice for new artists is, ask yourself can you afford to do music? Do you have a job or an income? No? Then get one because this gets expensive and there’s a lot to learn and with learning comes costs. Utilize the net interact & get a bunch of people that like you and want to hear your stuff, keep servicing them don’t leave them hanging because they disappear (trust me I know). And have a plan B what if the music industry lottery doesn’t call your number did you prepare for that? Ask people if you’re any good or not, find that “No man” and keep at it until he says yes because then he’ll mean it. There are too many “yes men” that are just gassed or don’t want to hurt your feelings. Don’t ask your mum that’s like asking her to break her baby’s heart lol. Finally be humble treat everyone the same with respect because no one has to even care you exist so if they do try and make them remember you as someone who is worth supporting.


9) Where can you see the Wallstreet Empire being in 5 years?
I can see us reaching the milestones I’ve always dreamed about. I can see at least a couple of us making it big to take care of the rest of us. I see Wallstreet Entertainment getting it’s just dues across the board. I can see myself making my mum and family proud after a long time struggling. I’ve sacrificed a lot for this but I’m no quitter and never will be.




10) What can we expect from Supreme throughout 2017?
From Supreme, you can expect at least 3 projects the first one being my mixtape “Trust No One” and countless visuals to compliment them. Some big features from some of your current favorite artists and a rebirth of the Supreme brand. I haven’t released a project in over 4 years so I got a lot to say and it all ain’t going to be pleasant as Preme holds his tongue for no one, but above all just some great music. I’ve been working and I can’t wait to share it with the critics and the doubters lol WALLSTREET. ENT. 4 LIFE!!!


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