When speaking about HipHop in the South West UK it’s near impossible not to mention Supreme #KOB the Ceo of Wallstreet Ent. Being in the music industry for over a decade Supreme has mastered the game. With major collaborations under his belt and a critical eye for unique musical talent, he has become well known across the UK and highly respected among his industry peers. A prolific businessman who wears multiple hats, We caught up with Supreme for an exclusive 2 part interview to find out a little more about the ‘Boss behind the Brand’.


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1) How would you describe Supreme #KOB the artist?


As an artist, I’m someone who has gone through different eras of the music game evolving my style not always releasing music but always making, experimenting and recording. I was raised on hip hop so even though I can keep up with today’s cliche topics with the gas and hype ppl seem to care about (because the life I’ve lived) it’s still important to me for my music to have some essence and a meaning and to always say something others aren’t saying in their music that’s why I stand out more I think. And taking time & pride in my lyrics is something very important to me, this is kind of lost in 80% of today’s craft. I’ve also worked on my style I’m very versatile and can approach different types of beats.


2) What inspired you to get into the music industry?


Well, music is just something that kind of raised me I had no father figures at home with 5 other siblings I was the oldest and never knew a lot outside of everyday life with my mother. We were raised on reggae a lot of Bob Marley and other artists in that genre. I like the music but never really listened to the words and lived by them I think someone should’ve sat me down at them times and explained a bit. Anyway one my next door neighbour introduced me to rap and as soon as I heard it I loved it understood every word liked the beats and could hear the message (even through all the cuss words I wasn’t sposed to be hearing) from then I was hooked especially in the Biggie and Tupac era, that era taught me to get off my ass and go make something of myself be a king stand out get some money so I did.


supreme bs5 wallstreet


Originally I wanted to start a movement in Bristol that was speaking about all the harsh realities we go through from our perspective so I formed the group BS5 (which had man from Easton and St. Paul’s as members) the name wasn’t a representation of a couple of streets it came from reppin the whole city that’s what we were doing at first I jus dropped a couple verses but preferred to manage the group more and finance it instead built us a studio and various things for us to look the part also. While we were in full swing being recognized around the country due to events outta town we always attended and a couple DVDs that were released, I ended up in prison things fell apart when I came like 20 months later decided to work on developing myself and get into the game.


3) We can see you have a great roster of artists, tell us a little bit about your record label Wallstreet Ent?


After I parted ways with my Co-CEO from the last founded (and registered) record label I had “Major Motion”. I drifted around thinking what’s next for me so I created Wallstreet Entertainment which is a hub for local and national aspiring artists to grow and eventually make it big from. Our roster has had many changes over the years we’ve broken some good talent from Bristol and not always received the credit for this but the non-ignorant people will always remember where they started and what label out there was willing to take a chance and fund these artists to be seen in a way bigger scale than they could’ve managed themselves. 


Our current roster consists of Young Bristol grime MC VCD ( Instagram: @VCDMC Twitter: @Vandrosscox WALLSTREET ENT VCDMC who is doing major damage on the underground Bristol circuit at the moment he’s got a hell of a lot of support right now and has even performed alongside Stormzy at our LOVE SAVES THE DAY festival here in Bristol. 2017 he will be the guy there’s is no doubt as far as Grime in Bristols concerned.


Next I have Convi (Instagram: @realistconvii Twitter: @realistconvii ) CONVII WALLSTREET ENT a young singer/songwriter/rapper. From East London he’s an infectious attitude and approach to music he’s working real hard on his debut Wallstreet Project and has already released his first video under us watch this space for him. 


Also we have a rapper from Gloucester called Trupa  TRUPA WALLSTREET ENT( Instagram: @real_trupa Twitter: @real_trupa) who has just joined the team and is under heavy development for a 2017 emergence.

Then there is DML (Instagram: @dmlbeats twitter: @DMLBEATS) he is a producer/DJ/engineer who has now been with us the longest and has jus this very month released his debut instrumental album “Depersonalization” that u can find at www.dmlbeats.co.uk he can produce all types of genres in hip hop and grime and is an invaluable asset to this movement.


Next, we have Big Angz he’s a producer/artist that has helped me create my current sound through incredible production and ideas in the studio we have 2 great songs out on our Soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/wallstreetent 1 called “Really Fast” and the other “Zonin’” we also have a big single dropping next year ppl.
Next is Scooby Beats who has also just joined the label between me and this guy we have created a new sound from out of Bristol that’s all I’m going to say our project next year will blow people’s minds and I put my house on that.


The last member is actually another company called Distinxt media DISTINXT WALLSTREET ENTthey run our media and have branched out to now doing videos for artists like Nafe Smallz so they’re doing well coming from bristol. Instagram: @distinxt.uk Twitter: @Distinxtuk




4) What has been your biggest challenge since creating Wallstreet Ent?


My biggest Challenge was for me to get our label heard and accepted around the country I conquered that ages ago so I have to say now the biggest has been local support, I feel I hear this same thing so many times from different ppl trying to do music everywhere but the fact of the matter is we have been here for over 5 years strong we have helped build the scene in this city and beyond but people would still rather not get behind their own and support. A retweet, repost, a like, a share & word of mouth can be such an easy nondraining thing for people to do to support something but instead they rather you wait until you get to the top alone and then start the clapping. If I was to put on my social media platforms tomorrow “just like to let everyone know Wallstreet has jus signed to Sony records I would have hundreds of congrats and “well done’s” but when I post my music they look and carry on with their day. Now let’s be straight also I’m am in no way bitter or we wouldn’t be here. I’ve shrugged those kinds of thing’s off every day it’s just something that needs addressing. I support a lot of people in various ways it’s no skin off my back, others think they are giving you a 10 grand loan by sharing your music. I just want more support for the southwest pioneers in the game I think we’ve earned it, period.



5) Has the knowledge and experience you gained from being an artist in the industry made your job easier now that you are an artist manager?


Yes I’ve alway been an artist manager and put my personal needs as an artist aside to build something for a group of people rather than just myself and yes it has but to be honest when dealing with human beings that are all different it doesn’t matter how much experience you have people can still shock you with a curveball. Dealing with artists is a hard ******* job, believe me, lol.


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Look out for part 2 of the Supreme #KOB interview coming soon!