Bristol is known for its creativity whether its music, fashion or technology. We at the Mogul Minded Group caught up with UZ MTG the CEO of the Bristol based music collective Da Label MTG (Monopolising The Game). Known for being one of the most consistent artists in the South West and for setting trends with his clothing line ‘DLMTG’ we had a chat with this inspiring entrepreneur to find out what motivates him for success.


1) What inspired you to start DLMTG?


What initially inspired me to start DLMTG was the fact that a lot of my peers had talent but no structure.


2) What would you say is your biggest success story to date?


I’d say my biggest success story to date is the fact that DLMTG is still going over 10 years later.


3) You have your own clothing line, what’s the inspiration behind your designs?


The inspiration behind the designs for DLMTG clothing is really just everyday life we try to put our designs on garments that represent our everyday fashion sense and we seal it with our logo which we hope the meaning of it ‘monopolising the game’ can serve as a fashion statement in itself.


 4) You are very consistent whether its new DLMTG clothes or music, How do you stay motivated?


Sometimes as consistent as I try to be I often find it hard to stay motivated as I have to motivate people around me I often find I have no motivation left for myself but there will always be something that happens or needs to happen that keeps me going.


 5) Where can you see your empire being in the next 5 years?


In the next 5 years, I can see the DLMTG brand expanding into more product markets taking the whole movement more global.




6) What’s the biggest risk you have ever taken and how did it turn out?


Lol am not even sure where to start on this question as I’d say anything you invest time, energy and money into is a big risk as nothing is ever promised so there’s always a risk factor of you wasting your time, energy or money. So to sum it up I think building the DLMTG brand over the years in itself has been my biggest risk and to date, I’d say it is not turned out too bad.


7) As an artist If there was one musician you could collaborate with who would it be and why?


That’s a good question as an artist I listen to a lot of music from a variety of musicians ranging from all types of music I don’t really want to say any international artist or even any so say popular UK artist. I’d choose an artist from the community I grew up in and that artist would be Pelo. It would be Pelo because growing up he was one of the first people I seen doing the UK rap thing he was nice with it. I don’t think he makes music anymore so it would be nice to get him back on a track.


8) How is it being a business man in Bristol? What would you say needs to be improved?


Being a business man in Bristol is not easy but saying that being a business man anywhere can’t be easy but Bristol being what I would call a judgemental place doesn’t make it any easier. I find people may like or be interested in a product but because their peers or maybe people they look to for approval haven’t cosigned it yet they shy away. What needs to improve in my eyes is people need to be less judgemental and more enticed to do as they feel, if you’re a grown person you need approval from no one.


9) What advice do you have for young people wanting to get into the music industry?


 My advice for any younger’s wanting to get into the music industries is music is something that can be done around other things such as school, college or uni. A lot of skills you learn in these those places will benefit you highly in the music industry. Being uneducated in the music industry or any industry is the last thing you’d want to be. Knowledge is power for real, the more knowledge you have the more power and control you should have over yourself and that’s key.





10) You are affiliated with a lot of other businesses, what are your tips for building good/longterm business relationships? 


My tips for building good business relationships would be, never force it always make sure it’s genuine.


11) What can we expect from you over the next 2 years?


In the next 2 years you can all expect more big things from DLMTG as we are now approaching our 10 year MTG branding anniversary there will be a lot going on on all fronts music clothing and media.


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