Here we caught up with the natural hair goddess Melanie Allen for a quick interview. The Professional hairdresser & Satisfy Salon owner lets us know which celebs hair she would like to style, her inspiration behind opening her salon and more. Enjoy!


1) What inspired you to start Satisfy Hair Salon


My children inspired myself to open Satisfy. To show them you can acquire a skill and create your own job, and provide jobs. As a single mother I have to teach my children how to lead.


 2) What advice do you have for young people wanting to get into the hair industry?


Start off by practising on friends and family and don’t be afraid to try. You will get better with time so don’t give up.


 3) What’s the biggest risk you have ever taken and how did it turn out?


Opening Satisfy Salon and signing the lease. 2nd to having children lol.


 4) Growing up who was your biggest inspiration and why?


My mother, she gave me life, showed me if you work hard you can have what you want in life. I was inspired by watching her work so hard for others, I never wanted to take the same route.


 5) What would you say is your biggest success story to date?

Overcoming a kidney disorder with prayer, which the doctors thought I would live on dialysis and medication for the rest of my life. Praises be to the most -high!


6) If there was one celebrity you could choose to be the face of Satisfy Hair Salon who would it be and why?
Hmmmm It would have to be Chronnix but he wouldn’t go hairdressers so that would be misrepresented. I don’t know, I don’t idolise any celebrity.
7) Where can you see the Satisfy Hair Salon being in the next 5 years?
I see us branching out to Cardiff or Gloucester. I am also thinking of creating a hair academy for afro hair. 
8) Can you tell us a funny story about you/your journey that our audience may not know?
I and I is a serious person no joking Loool. I’ve had a hard past few years but one thing I can say is you’ve got to take bad things and make a joke of it because if you take life too serious you take the fun out of it. Enjoy the journey.
9) What can we expect from you over the next 2 years?
I plan on creating hair workshops teaching home care management, braiding and intense weaving/ hair extension workshops. 
 Check out some of Satisfy Salons creations below…..
Contact Melanie – 079446327030 Salon 0117 2391812
540 Fishponds Road, Bristol BS16 3DW