Kizzy Morrell is a prominent figure within the South West music industry, She has trained some of the best acts to hail from Bristol and holds a personal music resume that glows with international success. With her prestigious annual event the Regional Youth Music Awards being just around the corner we caught up with the Goddess Kizzy for a quick interview. 


1) What inspired you to launch your business?


I moved to Bristol from London, around 20 years ago. When I got here, I fell in love with Bristol and its sense of the community and I wanted to contribute. I found there was a need to help the young people find their way and as a mother, I felt it was important to work with our creative youth, and show them life has another way besides pain hurt and abuse. The only thing I felt I had was my music. Music to me is life, it is the common denominator that brings us all together and if you look at the science of music it also has healing powers. To that end in Aug 2000, I set up Studio 7 Artist Development Project at Lakota.

2) What advice do you have for young people wanting to get into the music business?


The music business is not like any other. Do not be too proud that you lose out on opportunities. Join the Musicians union, they have all the advice and help you need as an artist. Have fun with it and go for it. Express yourselves in your music and on stage. Share your story. you never know who it might help. As an artist you have the ear of all those who will listen, own it and respect your position of power.



3) You started off as a singer, can you tell us funny story our audience may not know?


Hmm a funny story, I have lots, but my favourite was, while I was on tour with my single Colour Me (Paradise Orchestra). We came to a little village of which I had forgotten the name, we were doing 6 venues a night 7 days a week for 13 days. So at this beautiful small village and one stage, lights went up, and as I said Hi my name is Kizzy Morrell and its great to be here in ….. the name of the village eluded me, so in good old fashioned performance manner, I got the Audience to chant it to me. Such fun 😀


4) What would you say is your biggest success story to date?


It’s got to be having my daughter, Depends on what you mean by success for me it was musically having the opportunity to be mentored and work with major Artists from Motown when I was a young eager teenager.


5) What’s the biggest risk you have ever taken and how did it turn out?


Going on a 7 week holiday with someone I had only met online in second-life – a 3 Virtual world – he was a Dj on my sim – we dated online (if you know second-life then you will understand) for 2-years then, he asked me what my favourite number was, I told him 7. Then, he offered to take me to Bali for 7 weeks, I said yes, and now we are happily married 😀


6) Where can you see your business in the next 5 years?


We have plans to link with the United States and parts of Africa due to my network.   So I see us going global.


7) If there was one celebrity musician you would have loved to mentor or train who would it be and why?


Oh, that is hard, Etta James, not that she needs it, but because I think we would have benefited each other.


8) What can we expect from you over the next 2 years?


More young artists being launched. More showcase events with our young Artists. We are also working on getting a building out of the city we can use as a creative retreat for the young ones and more musicians helping the young ones coming up the ladder. and last but not least an Album from myself (shhhhh :D)


9) Who has been your biggest mentor/role model or inspiration so far and why?


It’s got to be my mother, as children she instilled morals in us and sense of compassion for others. She was also a strong business woman with a solid work ethic and trained us early to understand how the world works.



Kizzy is a beacon of light within our Bristol community and her work continues to positively impact the lives of Bristol’s creative young people. Kizzy Morrell we at the Mogul Minded Group #Salutes you.

Contact Kizzy Morrell Via her website

Email: Tel: 07535 402 339

Tweet: @YouthMusicAward

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