Every Saturday we will be giving a special #MogulMinded Shout Out to a hardworking individual or business. 

This week our Shout Out goes to Saffron Records. Saffron Records is a new Bristol based record label which aims to be an alternative platform for young women who are trying to get into the music industry. This all female record label is the first of its kind in the South West UK making it a unique environment for up coming female stars. Saffron provides high quality mentorship & a nurturing environment to develop the signees creative style. 

saffron records bristol

Within the music industry it seems most females opt or are encouraged to exploit themselves in one way or another. Its clear  that there is an unbalance in the way most females are portrayed, often making their image and appearance more important than their talent. We think it could have something to do with the overwhelming amount of male owned record labels so seeing Saffron Records and hearing all they stand for is truly a refreshing change. With their official launch party coming this September we know that for this new Label the only way is up! Congratulations to The Saffron Records team.

saffron records launch party

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