Every Saturday we will be giving a special #MogulMinded Shout Out to a hardworking individual or business. 

This week our Shout Out goes to 8th Sense Media and Rebel productions for creating Bristol’s first urban drama GRADE. Grade tells the story of Janeece, a 17 year old, living with her church going mum and sister in St Paul’s, Bristol trying to finish her education.

The film charts the tale of a hard-working, but stressed, well intentioned young woman who succumbs to peer pressure and starts to get involved in the usual teenage rites of passage but with a sinister overtone.

When her mum realises the error of her daughter’s ways she steps in and Janeece is put in a very awkward position. But what will happen in the end to Janeece and what path with her life take?

The film tackles common issues relating to growing up from peer pressure and the challenges of school to experimenting with drugs and exposure to a life of dealing and all that goes with the territory.

Check out the official trailer below –