The Queens Power Lunch – Empowerment & Networking Luncheon

The Queens Power Lunch was created to professionally link female entrepreneurs and successful businesswomen together. In the South West, there are many women with the ideas, passion and the drive to be successful entrepreneurs but there was no event which specifically targeted women from diverse and disadvantaged communities. It then became the mission of the Mogul Minded Group founder to bridge this gap.


We provide a safe space for female entrepreneurs within South West.

The Queens Power Lunches give women the chance to be embraced and empowered through motivational talks & business networking over a delicious 3-course lunch. The motivational talks are given by successful women from around Bristol and the UK! These are women who lead by example and whose advice is invaluable and inspirational to new or aspiring entrepreneurs. The Mogul Minded Group is dedicated to inclusion and diversity and encourages women from all backgrounds to come together in support and celebration of our common bonds as well as educating each other about our differences.




The Queens Power Lunches allow women to connect, build and grow in business. You will find the support you need whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned professional.


Queens Power Lunch 2018 


To date, we have held 4 annual Queens Power Lunches. Click to see more pictures here!



If you are interested in being a keynote speaker or sponsoring any of our future events please get in touch via our contact page.