Michael ‘Lowedose’ Jenkins is a young film director from Bristol. With a history of ground breaking documentaries and TV shows under his belt we at Mogul Minded Group are sure he is going be a pillar within the international film and media production industry. 

8th sense media

Michael is the founder of 8th Sense Media production company, their services range from imaginative and cost-effective productions as well as engaging training workshops for people of all ages.

Michael made headlines when he  was commissioned by Avon and Somerset Constabulary to create a short film that looks at the impact stop and search can have on communities. The film is now being used as a training tool for new recruits joining the police force.  Watch Stop Search below!

8th Sense Media are known for delving a little deeper when it comes to the visual content they produce. Often going for thought provoking documentaries that sheds light on stories that have never been told. Below is a snippet of a film they have created called Black Soldier White Army.

A film which looks at the story of Patrick Cyrus a Black British veteran who fought in Northern Ireland. It explores the nature of racism in the army and the demons Cyrus had to face through his life. 


“In life I believe that the stories of army veterans goes largely unnoticed, but being Black and a veteran is a story even more untold.” Michael Jenkins

8th Sense Media shows their versatility once again as they also have a cookery show on TV called Carib-Asian Cookery which brings together a myriad of ideas from the children of Ruth Hart and Rita Eugene the mothers of Pat Hart and Sherrie Eugene-Hart showcasing a range of mouth watering dishes influenced by both of the hosts Asian and Caribbean culture.


8th Sense Media’s most recent project saw them teaming up with two other production companies in Bristol called Rebel Production TV & Pound Media. Together they have created Bristol’s first ever urban drama, a short film called GRADE. The cast and crew consists of actors and music artists from Bristol. The film is scheduled to be released in September 2015 with the official release set for October (Black History Month). 

grade 1


8th Sense Media shows no sign of slowing up their progress anytime soon and we can only advise that you keep your eyes on film director Michael Jenkins as we believe his amazing journey have only just begun. 

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