Mavis Amankwah….The Inspirational Business Woman We All Need To Know!


A couple of weeks ago I attended a RISE workshop at the Coach House (business centre) in Bristol. The special guest speaker was Mavis Amankwah. Before this event I have not heard of this amazing woman but I can assure you she is someone whom I will never forget. Coming from very humble beginnings today Mavis is a multi millionaire with many achievements and successful businesses under her belt.
At the front of the room in a stunning red suit stood a woman filled with so much positivity and energy she literally had the room buzzing before her lecture even started. Mavis Amankwah founder of Rich Visions and is a true inspiration for anyone who believes they cannot make it. I mean I thought my life was hard and although I always take a step back to reevaluate my perspective before I start feeling sorry for myself it is always refreshing and empowering to actually get to meet someone who have faced major hurdles in their life but overcome and literally rised up like a phoenix from the ashes.

In the lecture Mavis covered many topics and shared some of her secrets to success in business and marketing. Her no nonsense yet realistic approach to business made her message and teachings all the more easier to thoroughly understand. Everyone who attended was constantly writing as if every word she spoke was tinted in gold. We laughed, we listened and most importantly we learned. I would recommend all budding entrepreneurs try and make it to a seminar or event where she is giving a lecture as her strength, courage, positivity and wisdom can only motivate, empower and push you further towards your dreams.

Mavis Amankwah is an award-winning entrepreneur/author/motivational speaker/mentor, specialising in marketing, PR, diversity communications and business sustainability. Having been featured in over 130 press titles from the Guardian to PR Week, this serial businesswoman has recently been named one of ‘the most influential people in PR,’ for the fifth consecutive year by PR Week’s Powerbook (2009-2013).

A full member of the Chartered Institute of PR (CIPR); she has won six business and community awards including:

Winner of the ‘Business Woman of the Year’,

Women4Africa Awards (2011)

Winner of ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’,  Women4Africa Awards (2011)

Winner of the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Business’ award

Winner of the 2008 Black Business Awards – Innovation category

Winner of the ‘Innovation Award’ in 2007 GAB Awards – Media category

Mavis was recently appointed as the business ambassador for a social enterprise organisation called Positive Inclusions and is currently champions the organisation’s new initiative as Delivery Partners for the Start-Up Loans government programme. The scheme offers loans, business support and mentoring to aspiring entrepreneurs aged 18-30 who want to start or grow their enterprises.

Below is an episode from the second season of the hit TV series Making Of A Mogul, hosted by Anita Erskine.