We had the pleasure of meeting Princess Nyah back in April 2017 when she came to Bristol to host the 2nd Annual MMG Awards alongside WordLife’s frontman Steven Krazy Draper.  


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Such a polite and pleasant young lady with the passion of ten thousand men, she wowed the crowd and brought her beauty, class and cool demeanour adding an extra sparkle to the prestigious event.

Princess is a well known UK songstress with many hits under her belt and has collaborated with many top UK artists such as Ghetts and Nolay to name a few.


Princess Nyah is a woman with many talents and back in 2008, she turned her hand to business launching her online store Binghi’s Boutique a family run business, as well as opening her own boutique workshop on Bond Street in London.


Princess Nyah


Binghi’s had its first breakthrough from pre-selling out of a limited edition ladies T-Shirt via MySpace. The bossy and feisty slogan, ‘The Billionaire Girls Club’, caught the eye of 100 females with its statement of female empowerment.


Binghi's Boutique


Due to the success of her first designs selling out instantly online Princess created a range of statement t-shirts for men which became very popular throughout the UK music scene. Princess Nyah even collaborated with Jay-Z’s protege & Roc Nation superstar J.Cole distributing his Dreamville clothing line. In 2013 Binghi’s made major moves in the fashion industry. Her brand was added to the international fashion platform ASOS marketplace driving product sales and traffic through the roof.


Over the years Binghi’s Boutique has become a staple brand and the motto ‘Positive clothes for positive people’ resonates with her customers near and far.


binghi's boutique


Binghi’s Boutique continues to go from strength to strength and we are excited that Princess & her team has just released the Binghi’s Boutique Autumn/Winter 2017 range.


Princess has also started her new vlogging series ‘Princess Nyah Thoughts‘ where she talks about her entrepreneurial journey, how to juggle running her business, recording music and being a new mum.


Fresh, Empowering, Fierce and Classy are just a few words that describe Princess Nyah and her popular  Binghi’s Boutique designs. If you are a woman who loves fashion you can purchase your very own limited edition pieces of apparel from Binghi’s Boutique here.


It’s not easy being a singer/songwriter, business owner, vlogger and new mother but we are excited to see what the future holds for Princess Nyah and confident that she will continue to rise to new heights and slay while doing it.


princess nyah


Princess Nyah The Mogul Minded Group salutes you. 

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