The Gal-Dem team launches CrowdSurfer, Lets Support The Ladies! is a creative online magazine comprised of almost 50 women of colour. Most of our team are based in the UK, but we do have a few from farther afield including the States and South America. The aim of gal-dem is to open up our take on the world to a wider audience. We want people of different shapes, sizes, sexes and ethnic backgrounds to engage with the work we are doing. It is no secret that the mainstream media doesn’t represent or reflect us, so we are doing it for ourselves.  

 gal-dem was started by Liv who, frustrated with the lack of diversity at her university, wanted to reach out to women of colour like herself. The team began to grow and we now have contributors who come from all walks of life. The gal-dem girl gang is here –  and we are ready to provide you with thought-provoking content, eye-catching visuals and an abundance of giggles.

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