I had the privilege of meeting Jordan back in 2008 when I was featured in his Invincible magazine. Located in the UK’s capital London Jordan has worked hard to build up his solid reputation. Being the man behind the prestigious Urban Music Awards which happens annually in London UK, USA, France, Africa, The Caribbean & Asia Jordan is a force to be reckoned with. Jordan founded the Invincible Media Group back in 1999 and under the Invincible Group umbrella he has successfully launched a radio station, record company, artist agency and magazine which distributed an average of 65,000 copies per month across the UK.

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Jordan’s entrepreneurial visions have not stopped there as he is also the youngest British entrepreneur to have designed, created & developed a brand of smart phones and tablets PCs called Zuricom which sells in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Owning a primary school and college in Cameroon and St Lucia Jordan clearly has a heart of gold and we believe his inspirational rise to new heights over the next decade will be one that the masses will admire and speak of for many years to come.


Invincible Media Group


Urban Music Awards