In this video tutorial, John Lee discusses the top 3 tips he would give anyone ,who wants to become a successful entrepreneur. So what does it take to be a successful businessman? John points out that you don’t become successful overnight and along the road to success, you are probably going to have many set backs but if you want to minimise the set backs and errors, you make Johns advice is to get a mentor. If you get a business mentor, they can help you avoid mistakes and keep you focused on your goals.

He also makes the point you must get used to rejection — all businessmen will have to face this and its just a natural part of becoming successful in business. His third tip is to be selective, in terms of the people you mix and socialise with — why? Because they can have a positive or negative effect on you. Never for example, take advice from friends in areas they know nothing about and avoid people who are negative. John refers to “green lighters” and “red lighters” and makes the point, you should make up a list of people who you know and put red by the ones who are negative and avoid them and put green by the ones, who you think will have a more positive influence on you and spend more time with the “green lighters”.

The secret of success in business is to have goals to focus on, perseverance to follow your plan, a business mentor to guide you and to make sure you are surrounded by positive people. If you want to become a successful businessman, this video is a good introduction to achieving success.