Sometimes being an entrepreneur can feel like an uphill battle. You can have a million things to do at any one moment. You hear many stories about people who become a business success overnight but when it comes to you getting your business up and running successfully it seems like something just doesn’t click.

Below are a few reasons why you could be hindering your own success.

1. Discipline

It has been proven that highly effective people champion themselves on how disciplined they are when it comes to their work. Doing what they need to do when they need to do it. Even when they are feeling tired, down or just not in the mood they still push through the procrastination barriers and emotional blocks to get the job done. Stop letting small tasks get in the way of completing the big tasks.

Fix This Problem By: Make a list of what you need to achieve this week, then break it down into daily tasks. Set aside 3 hours or more a day to get the tasks done. Keep a daily check list where you can log your accomplished tasks, this serves as a personal reminder that you are on the right track and getting what is most important to your business completed.

2. Self Belief

To see it you have to believe it. People today have so many self defeating beliefs on why they cannot act today. They will happily create excuse after excuse on why the job isn’t done or say ‘when this happens I can then take the first step’. There needs to be a drastic change in their mindset in order to successfully move forward.

Fix This Problem By: Visualisation is key, you have to realise how great you are. How do you imagine living your life, what do you believe you deserve. Do you realise that your thoughts inspire your actions and inspired action can determine your results. Start believing in yourself more. Don’t wait for tomorrow to act, trust in the power of now.

3. Business Success Model

Don’t overlook your small successes, don’t disregard your first sale or your first business interview. What did you do to achieve it. Every step you have made is important. You don’t only learn from mistakes.

Fix This Problem By: Figure out your model of success and repeat it. Get better and enhance your technique with this formula, it may be very simple but who says your business success model can’t be simple. How many sales pitches must you make in order to get one sale? Learn your numbers and work from their. Don’t try to over complicate things and continue to do what works. Look at your competition and learn from them, if it works you can take tips from their successful strategies too.

Be the person who creates and makes things happen, don’t live your life by default.