5Pointz first opened its store on Old market Street in Bristol back in 2004. Bristol being a melting pot of vibrants cultures and trends 5Pointz aim was to open a store where clothing and culture would meet. Moving to a bigger store on Nelson Street Bristol in 2007 & launching their first official website 5Pointz has become one of the UK’s favourite trend setting urban clothing stores. Not only do they stock household name brands such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok 5Pointz also caters to the fashion lovers who want to support independent designers and brands too.

From the beginning 5Pointz was the backbone of Bristol’s clothing/urban culture scene and clearly filled a gap that was missing. Now a household name we believe its only a matter of time before there’s a 5Pointz clothing store in every major city across the UK. For us 5Pointz have captured the essence of the UK’s ever growing Urban culture and vibe and put it all into one store. What more can the fashion conscious with a taste for urban trends ask for.

5Pointz Latest Products will have you looking trendy and on point all summer.

5 pointz latest products

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Visit 5Pointz today: 18 Nelson Street Bristol BS1 2LE 

Tel:  0117 9450555

Find 5Pointz Online: www.5pointz.co.uk 

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