‘Ahhh Christmas’

Tis the time for woolly socks, comfy clothes, warm food and family celebrations. A time to switch off from our daily lives and get ready for a few days of christmas cheer and a well deserved rest. Although many will only have a day or 2 off work the majority of us will be travelling across the country to reunite and spend some much needed quality time with loved ones.

Unfortunately for some of us entrepreneurs although our businesses are physically closed our minds would still be racing with figures, products, ideas, marketing strategies, which emails to send and answer plus more. Some of us would almost feel guilty for not working during this period. To help our business owners and entrepreneurs below we list five ways you can really switch off and relax this Christmas.

1) Prepare your days in advance. Over the Christmas you could easily spend most of your time rushing around trying to squeeze in all visits, shopping, cooking, social obligations plus more. Make time for family and friends but most importantly make sure at least 40% of your time is dedicated to YOU.

2) Treat yourself to a day of pampering. Visit a luxury spa and experience all of the lovely relaxing treats that they have to offer. Have a massage, do yoga, relax in the jacuzzi, have a manicure and pedicure, a glass of champagne won’t hurt either.

3) Put your phone DOWN. If you are someone who constantly checks their phone and emails be firm with yourself and limit the amount of times a day you do this.  We strongly believe in having some You time and this is nearly impossible if you are surgically attached to your mobile device.

4) Eat Chocolate. Yes we said it! Chocolate is one of the worlds most popular comfort foods. We know you will be hitting the gym in the new year so why not enjoy yourself now and indulge while watching your favourite Christmas movies.

5) Take an extra day off work. Yes we know it sounds naughty and is probably the last thing on your mind but don’t be a buzz kill. Taking an extra day off will have you entering into the new year feeling revitalised and ready to execute all of your goals. This time is to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare you for a positive and success filled new year.

We hope all of our business owners and entrepreneurs finds our tips helpful #MogulMindedGroup