business branding

Having a clear brand identity is vital to any business. Below are 4 quick tips to help get you started on identifying and growing your company’s brand.

1) Brainstorm

Have a long and hard think about what your company provides as a service or product. Then decide who is the best target market for your company. Who will benefit the most from what you have to offer.

Take a look at your competitors, what works well for them and what do you believe they need to improve on. How can you strategically tap into their customer base? Is there room for you to provide the same products as your competitors? These are questions you must think about.

2) What Is Your Niche

Who are you targeting with your products. Don’t be afraid to narrow your focus down. Knowing your target market is crucial. It may help to start off by looking at your core values. If your business is all about supporting local businesses or only using natural ingredients to make your products then make that your focus. Be Clear about what your company stands for and what it represents. Make it easy for potential fans to align themselves with your products, services and values.

If you believe your product is for everyone then you have not done enough market research. It is impossible to target everybody successfully. It is much more simpler to reach a core customer base by identifying them like this. Eg – ” My company targets minibus hire companies in the South West of England”.  It makes it easier for you to reach a specific demographic.

3) Your Message

Your message is very important. You should be able to describe your business products and services within a sentence or two and it should be clearly in line with your brand identity. Do you provide the best Indian take aways in London?  Do you have the best removal service company in Scotland offering a speedy service with the most compatible prices? Make this clear and to the point.

4) Be Consistent

No matter what branding identity you decide to go with you must always be consistent.   What do your customers experience when they decide to purchase your products or services. Some of the best companies in the world consistently give their customers the same experience. The customers know exactly what they are going to receive time and time again.

Create some branding guidelines and consistently apply them to your business, fine tuning them to get better where needed. Consistency is crucial, it allows your target market to become familiar with your products and service. Consistency is vital to your brand and business growth.